What is Mindful Communications?

Captivate your audience with

  • a clear, elevated, performance state attained by sports players, writers, performers and creative thinkers
  • mindfulness to stay calm, clear and focused
  • Japanese psychology for a laser focus
  • practical ways of turning nervousness into strength
  • tips to magnify their attention
  • a voice that`s appealing to hear and resonates with clarity 
  • dignified movements that imbue self-confidence and trust from others
  • effective memorization methods 
  • an inspiring presence that`s commanding and re-assuring

Training Options

I will give you my devoted attention, guiding you in becoming a notable presenter

with a noteworthy message and an audience applauding for more.

Training Procedures

  • Voice, movement, presence analysis
  • Frequent use of video
  • Fine tuning of your presentation
  • Tips on crafting a speech that pops and emotionally moves your audience
  • Practicing clear, mental focus techniques

Program length, Group size & Venue

  •  from 30 minutes to six hours; determined by client's schedule
  •  one-on-one, or group size up to 10 participants
  • my office, your office, the comfort of your home, or online through real-time video
  • Costs: to be determined by the program

Find out more

  • Call us at  : 503-449-8887
  • E-mail : info@josephbritton.com


Mindfulness Educator