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Cultivating Awareness and Power of Mind

 Upcoming Seminars at Portland Community College and other virtual locations! 

Joseph offers

Mindfulness Consultations

Public Speaking Coaching with Mindfulness

Death and Dying Education

For counseling

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Chronic pain, “foggy” mental functioning, grief, loss, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness can diminish our life force


Mindfulness contemplation, breathing, and energizing parts of our body have shown to be scientifically effective in reducing physical pain and emotional suffering.


Consultation session includes:

  • mindfulness meditations for inner awareness, clarity and focus
  • how to increase your energy along with releasing disturbing emotional complexes stored in the body
  • move beyond languishing into greater self-awareness and joy                                               

Other Information:

  • By zoom or in person 
  • Fee: $95/hour, $150/2hours

For private coaching

Contact Joseph or call 503-449-8887


 Do you want to enhance and energize your public speaking and presentation skills? Sign-up for Coaching Sessions tailored to your specific needs to enhance your delivery skills, increase confidence and release anxiety. 


Coaching principles:

  •  The ART of SPEAKING

Words, voice and manner of speech that uplift and inspire -話術 (Wajutsu ) 


Fully Present in deeply connecting with your audience in each moment -  (Kokoro)


Other information:

Joseph offers one-on-one coaching through Portland Community College.

Visit current events, choose the Public Speaking with Mindfulness classes and register at PCC website!

Death and Dying Education


An enlightening exploration of different beliefs of the Afterlife; Near Death Experiences; Grief; and being with those in Transition; encounters that nurture and enrich our lives in a supportive, sharing environment. Includes mindfulness meditation.


Other information:

Joseph offers Mystery of Dying classes through Portland Community College.


Visit current events, choose the "Mystery of Dying" classes and register at PCC website!


Joseph also offers one-on-one grief counseling. Please contact Joseph and call 503-449-8887 and inquire information. 


Mindfulness Educator