Research Articles

"Enjoyable Accomplishments"

What happens when `enjoyable` is joined with this never-give-up pursuit towards `accomplishing?` Journal of Philosophy and Society (Kiyou Jimbun Shakai Kagaku) Osaka (2015) pp. 101-109

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The meaning of attraction and its implications philosophically, psychologically, scientifically and spiritually.  Attraction is a force felt, yet untouched; an influence that colors reality, yet is unseen; an affect that breaks hearts, yet holds the very nature of life together, Humanity and Social Sciences Journal Vol 59, (2011), Osaka Prefecture University pp.57-73

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 Japanese `otaku`, drop-outs or innovators? Their infulence on the American, French, and Japanese youth culture. Published in Cultures Croisees Japon-France, published by L`Harmattan, Paris, France  (2008) pp.69-83

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Japanese youth trends that are driving technology

and lifestyle changes among the youth around the world Kyoto Journal, journal #66, (2007), p.51-55

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"The Culture of God's War"

 Explores how within a culture of war the killing and dying, and the war itself, are communicated as being holy, sacred and noble. Includes interviews with soldiers, military officers, and government officials in the USA and Israel. Battlefield communications are included, along with analyzing two modern day societies, Israel, and the American administration of President G.W. Bush in crafting perception through language design to prepare the public for the need of war, in packaging war, and in turn, sanctifying war, Ryukoku International Center Research Bulletin Vol 14, (2005) pp.143-156

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"Orders to kill and die"

This research centers around a `communications` questionnaire I gave to high ranking military officers stationed in Okinawa in the first few days of the Iraq War 2003, combined with the philosophy of famous military leaders and historical empire builders.  The words and phrases that they use to develop courage, leadership, fearlessness and inspire a willingness to kill and die for an ideal are analyzed. As my research is based on presentation skills, the focus is on how revered military leaders effectively communicate these goals (mission) to their subordinates. Language and Culture Journal, Osaka, Prefecture University (February2004) pp. 65-85



 Part of my series on how to professionally communicate and give presentations in a variety of  venues. This article focuses on the successful interview. The fundamental questions asked by leading international executive search & employment agencies are analyzed. This is then coupled with examining the responses coached by media consultants (TV, radio, the press) for exuding trust, confidence, likeability, and intelligence to the interviewer and/or audience.   Language and Culture Journal, Osaka  Prefecture University (March 2005), pp. 31-40

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"Communication - Through the Masks of Worry and Fear"

The sisters of worry and fear color our true communication with others by affecting our physical health, energy level, and perceived confidence and trust by others. This article explores the source of worry and fear and how to be in more whole states of well-being. Language and Culture JournalMarch 2003pp.1-11

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"Virtual Communications in a Generation Why World"

Virtual worlds have changed the nature of what comprises communication. This paper dives into the deep sociological and psychological changes affected by living in virual spaces. British and American Cultural Research CenterMar 2001) pp.19-43  

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"Behavioral Movement Communications in Two Cultures"

How subtle changes in body movement shape space, time, meaning and relationships, "British & American Cultural Research Center" (Sept 1999) pp.125-138          

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"Speech Presentations"

An analysis in 2 parts of a) how complex meanings are conveyed clearly and simply in a speech presentation and  b) how the individual members of an audience are psychologically and physiologically affected by the spoken word. British and American Cultural Research Center (1998)

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"A Patriot for Today - A Cultural Study of Loyalty in America"

What is today's flag that represents today's republic where liberty and justice prevails for all? And where does today's 'patriot' stand on the shifting political, religious, and social ground of today's world? British and American Cultural Research Center, Osaka Prefecture University

March, 1997) pp.189-205

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Magazine Articles

"When a Japanese Gives a Speech, Is Anyone Listening?"

 "The Journal", the American Chamber of Commerce Journal of Japan (Sept 1992) p. 56

"Presentation SKILL-UP"

  a 6 volume series, published by "Jinji Eigo Kenkyu", 1990

"High Visible, Professional Communications for the Business Woman"

3-part series published by "PHP Magazine", (March1991, July 1991, November 1991)


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