25. August 2018
All humans suffer; its built-in and oh so difficult to transcend! Burn-out though, for the most part, is self-created.

13. August 2018
JAPAN - the most centenarians per capita in the world - 70,000; the highest life expectancy - 84 years (the USA - 79 years). Mindfulness in lifestyle, food, communication and compassion are major contributing factors.

05. August 2018
Recent seminar I taught at Unity of Portland in facing your fears and re-imagining suffering and death; to live fully and happily now! A difficult topic, but so enlivening to discuss.

14. July 2018
MIND - depression, no energy, foggy/heavy head, can`t think clearly, can`t focus, no compassion, worry, fear, anxiety BODY - difficulty breathing, shoulder/neck pain, headaches, blurry eyes, stomach aches, indigestion, can`t sleep There are ways to transcend your suffering.

10. July 2018
Re-imagining death; facing your fears and death to live fully and happily; moving beyond emotional fatigue and energizing your body. Transformational workshop with Joseph Britton, July 29th, 1:00-3:00pm; Unity of Portland, 4525 Stark St, Portland, Or Fee: $20

06. July 2018
*Every thing that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.'*

16. May 2018
“Joseph spoke to our nursing students at Linfield College for our annual Professional Development night - an evening dedicated to promoting professional engagement and development in nursing. An important piece of becoming a nurse is staying centered and honest with yourself, as well as constantly checking in with your own mental health as we work with ill and dying populations. Joseph gave a great presentation around being with and transforming suffering, and how the nursing community can be...

20. April 2018
Breathing in, Breathing out. I feel it in my body, I feel it in my soul

17. March 2018
Reality and Truth are shifting events in time. The closer you get to one, the more the other shimmers. Photo by Dmitry Fisenko

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