Seeing Clearly
16. October 2021
Inhaling, I feel the tears I have cried. Exhaling, they have washed my being clean. Inhaling, my vision is clear. Exhaling, the Universe is inside of me.

25. August 2021
Inhaling – Listening deeply, I can hear the wind bells. Exhaling – Their melody soothes my soul. Inhaling – I can touch the Universe. Exhaling – I am the Universe.

04. May 2021
Dalai Lama receives Covid-19 vaccine
07. March 2021
The Dalai Lama commented, "So, in order to prevent some serious problems, this injection is very, very helpful, very good."

16. December 2020

07. August 2020

20. February 2020
What would happen if we had a radically new leader for our nation; one who looked a little different (than what we have now), spoke truthfully and wisely, and compassionately acted upon the needs of all her citizens?

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