16. May 2018
“Joseph spoke to our nursing students at Linfield College for our annual Professional Development night - an evening dedicated to promoting professional engagement and development in nursing. An important piece of becoming a nurse is staying centered and honest with yourself, as well as constantly checking in with your own mental health as we work with ill and dying populations. Joseph gave a great presentation around being with and transforming suffering, and how the nursing community can be...

20. April 2018
Breathing in, Breathing out. I feel it in my body, I feel it in my soul

17. March 2018
Reality and Truth are shifting events in time. The closer you get to one, the more the other shimmers. Photo by Dmitry Fisenko

22. February 2018
Our Influence. As John Wheeler, Physicist at Princeton University, and the one who coined the term "black hole" once said, "We live in a Participatory Universe where our minds are somehow deeply connected with the very fabric of space and time.

19. January 2018
I offered a few thoughts about the importance of shared values and beliefs at our first LinkedIn Local PDX meeting e.g. developo genuine relationships, respect one another, be a true role model, work collectively, no judgement and embrace diversity.

19. January 2018
We just began our first LinkedIn Local PDX group in Portland, OR. Our focus is on creating authentic friendships while supporting everyone in thriving financially and in well-being.

30. December 2017
From where does likability & trust arise?
19. November 2017
"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

03. November 2017
At the boundaries of life, it blossoms and glistens

09. October 2017
Our likability and trust affects all of our relationships. My seminars open people up emotionally to an elevated experience of reality. Participants cry and laugh through-out. Let`s make all our encounters in life, with people and situations, a sublime encounter.

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Mindfulness Educator, Professional Presentation Coach