Past Seminars and Events

"Conscious Living in Connection with Spirit" Symposium 


National University of Natural Medicine

Joseph gave a talk about Near Death Experiences and Super-Conscious Realities. The symposium included a blend of medical professionals and spiritual practitioners.

"Mystery of Dying" 


Institute of Noetic Science

At the age of 29, while on a spiritual journey in the Himalayan Mountains, Joseph was declared clinically dead. Combined with having had several near-death experiences since the age of four, along with his several decades of research on energy fields and meditation, Joseph brings unique perspectives on the mysterious topics of "reality and truth." Join us for an enlightening exploration into dying, death, religious views of the afterlife, near-death experiences, death-bed visions and stories of transformation; all encounters that nurture and fulfill our present life.

"Real talk about Suffering, Death and Dying" seminar


Unity of Portland

This transformational workshop was about re-imagining death; facing your fears and death to live fully and happily; moving beyond emotional fatigue and energizing your body. 


Mindfulness Educator