Joseph Britton

Mindfulness Educator

Disruptors, Presentations and Mindfulness

I have critiqued over 20,000 speeches internationally covering a wide range of cultural trends, movements and, at times, upheavals. In studying the speech crafting, meaning and implications of these presentations, I have formed universally attractive themes and professional styles that will provide you with a compelling performance. If you want to succeed, you must intrigue!


 Tip: Every moment is an unrepeatable miracle. Breathe deeply.

Disruptors and Trends

 In the year 2050, who are we likely to be? Around us, there are powerful disruptors in Science, Politics, Identity and Religion that are hopeful, uncomfortable and often startling. How will our values change? Will we forever be "homo sapiens?" “Progress” is a driver that`s, at times, thrilling and inspiring, yet is it always ethical? Together, let`s explore, discuss and stay ahead of these trends as they will be affecting our business, relationships and the society that we choose to live in.


        Tip: Through mindfulness, keep your focus on the present moment in a deliberate and non-judgmental way. You will feel solid inside and confident in your life direction.

Disruptors in Life and Death

 Your mindfulness, among business associates, in personal relationships, or in the final days of a loved one`s life can expand their vision of possibilities, or can shut them down into a contracted, fearful, negative state. All humans suffer. It`s built-in. Most people fear change. Disruptors run counter to certainty. Deep down, the biggest change is death. Together, let`s move forward, informed, clear, and with moment by moment awareness. Through the skills of mindfulness and "presence" you will learn how to support others in being whole and happy during times of great emotional, physical and spiritual upheaval, along with a focused awareness and clarity for yourself.


       Tip: "Can you say that tomorrow you won`t die?" Kyentse Dilgo Rimpoche. Be present to the moment, it`s where life is happening. Breathe!


Mindfulness Educator