Joseph Britton

Mindfulness Educator

This Moment is Life

 In the year 2050, who are we likely to be? Around us, there are powerful disruptors in Science, Politics, Identity, Religion, Climate and Viruses that challenge and often startle our  sense of self. These challenges of life seem to be accelerating. For many, they increase our anxiety. What can we do? These times call for developing our skill of resiliency.


          Tip: Through mindfulness, keep your focus on the present moment, in a deliberate and non-judgmental way, with fresh eyes. You will feel solid inside and confident in your life direction.

Life and Death

Being aware, alert and present in relationships, can soothe the most fearful soul in your presence. All humans suffer. It`s built-in. Most people fear change and lack of certainty. Deep down, the biggest change is death.  Through the skills of mindfulness and "presence" you will learn how to support others in being whole and happy during times of great emotional, physical and spiritual upheaval, along with a focused calm and clarity for yourself.

         Tip: "Can you say that tomorrow you won`t die?" Kyentse Dilgo Rimpoche. Be present to the moment, it`s where life is happening. Breathe!


Mindfulness Educator