You will present a transformative speech.

Business and social opportunities await.

Mindfulness is key to your presentation.

Are you ready for success?

Joseph Britton

Public Speaking Coach

Mindfulness Educator

International Storyteller

Portland, OR

Why does your communication style matter?

I have critiqued over 20,000 speeches in a wide range of venues internationally. In studying these varied cultural movement and voice patterns, along with unique speech crafting, I have uncovered universal, common traits that immediately open the mind of others and, in turn, draw them to your noteworthy message. I would like to share these with you. Tip: before speaking - stretch and lengthen your body in all directions to release nervous tension and give power to your voice.

How are you perceived and received?

Is there an attraction towards you, a wait and see feeling, or a turn and take flight response? I assure you, with proper coaching and guidance, the keys to a captivating presence in speech and mannerisms practiced by respected diplomats and high profile leaders will become a natural part of your presentation, and attract the best of life to you.  Tip: through mindfulness, keep the core of your being strong, directed and confident, while your outer appearance is reassuring and open to engaging with others. 

How does your presence affect others?

In giving speeches, in a business setting, or in personal relationships, your manner of speaking, moving and way of being can expand peoples` possibilities of life, or can shut them down into a contracted, negative state. Together, let`s look at your presence, and build upon your strengths that will have a positive influence in your environment. 

Tip: when communicating, shift your attention away from yourself and direct your thoughts and true concerns towards the other person or your audience.


Mindfulness Educator, Professional Presentation Coach