ATTRACTIVE PRESENTATIONS  -  A Professional Speaker's Guide Book

You're speaking before an esteemed, international audience. Will anyone be listening? Attractive Presentations will guide you through the simple and powerful steps to become an attractive, professional speaker in words, voice and appearance. Your confidence will soar and "Fear, it's gone!" Learn powerful and effective ways to hold the attention of your audience from the first moment of your speech to your inspirational closing. Voice exercises are highlighted. Many examples are given in how to present complex ideas in easy to understand phrases. Step by step you will be shown how to craft your speech to inspire, persuade and entertain your audience; people will see how wonderfully attractive you and your message are.

Reader's Comment

"Joseph Britton is brilliant, simply brilliant. His approach toward communication  and business relationships is practical and uniquely, spiritually insightful.  He will forever change the way you look at the world and interact with the people around you. This book is deeply powerful stuff."


 Eriko Rowe

Documentary producer and former lecturer

 at The Henry Jackson School of 

International Studies,

University of Washington

"In the world of relationships, both personal and professional, I believe that Joseph Britton is one of the deepest and most profound thinkers and teachers of our time. Joseph  details in this book “how to” increase your personal power through developing high level skills in presenting yourself to others, one-on-one or in a group. It is a “must read” for everyone."


 Hellen Hemphill-Wilson, Ph.D

Author of "Discrimination, Harassment, and the Failure of Diversity Training:

What to do Now", and "Skilltalk"


Mindfulness Educator