What you are now is going to change, dramatically.


All of us, on some level, accept the fact that our bodies will take on a variety of shapes during the course of our life. Our mental faculties will dramatically shift, some claiming they are getting wiser day by day. And our emotions rise and fall with the `changing weather` around us. Yet, it`s a common belief that the core of our being remains the same. Does it?


We are dependent on the non-living elements that, under special conditions, forged us in a unique `people` template of energy. In this wondrous arising of life, consciousness became aware of itself. When this physical body complex begins to fail, awareness falls away with it.


Within this sophisticated organized unit of a human being, consciousness expresses itself. This emergence of love, anger, fear, joy and imagination resonates and amplifies the surrounding consciousness with the same energy. The spoken word can create and destroy, manifest dreams and break hearts.


We are like the candle flame, that appears to be something constant and discrete yet actually, from moment to moment, it changes and is insubstantial. So, what is it that speaks? Transforming consciousness arising from all that you are and all that is me.


Next, consciousness. 

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