Profile of JOSEPH BRITTON, based in Portland, OR

Princeton University

Engineer-designer of solar, water and wind energy systems 

- Instructor of mindfulness and sacred movement for students and faculty


Professional Presentations, International Consultant

Personally trained over 8000 people

- Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, government officials, corporate executives, Miss Universe contestants, therapists, small business owners, religious leaders, and worldwide to those who strive to know themselves


Professor at Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan

- A top rated science & technology university in Asia

- After 130 years, first American to receive a full Professorship

- Taught for 22 years mindfulness, communications, storytelling, and  movement analysis

- A top rated science & technology university in Asia

- After 130 years, first American to receive a full Professorship




Guest Professor at Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France




 - teaching Communications and Mindfulness



- Hospice Volunteer, Seminar Leader and Coach, Instructor at Portland Community College

Book Author and Researcher

ATTRACTIVE PRESENTATIONS: A Professional Speaker`s Guidebook, available now in eBook

- Over 30 published articles on communication, click READ ARTICLES


As a youth, when elected president of the student council, and in receiving awards for academics and sports, I went beyond a reasonable state of mind, I was terrified! It was required that I stand in front of large groups and give speeches. Oh no!! Double no!! Adjacent photo - receiving MVP baseball award in high school. The queasy stomach; shaky legs; and my mouth, that resisted moving when speaking, was complete torture for me. I would have loved to just disappear, if I had a magic wand. These moments of high anxiety stayed with me through my university years. 


What were my choices? As a young professional starting out in life, part of me never wanted to give a speech, ever again; anxiety overload! Yet another part of me understood the profound implications of showing up and presenting my message as a plethora of opportunities were before me. From that point I was determined to learn from the masters: the keys to transforming fear, along with how to create an inspirational environment whereby trust and compassion would inspire real talk about reality, suffering, love and life.


Within many countries have I taught, and from many diverse groups of people have I learned. Through observation, questionnaires, and interviews I have researched and collected a treasure of information regarding effective communication styles. I have organized these golden themes in a simple and easy to understand way that both the novice and the seasoned speaker can draw from. Communication enriches the imagination, and to imagine is a sublime gift of life.


Mindfulness Educator